the three main points of our cuisine

In Domus Hyblaea’s view, excellence means to combine tradition and innovation. We base our work both on our geographical roots and the future.

Our dishes are realized by new cooking techniques and elegance. Everything highlights the used excellent raw materials, such as our meats, Black Sicilian Pork in particular, and our extra-virgin olive oil D.O.P.

Young, curious (in his 20s), innovator; his dishes are influenced by his Brescian origins, by his sicilian lifestyle and by his world citizenship. His cuisine is all this and much more… It is a mixture of scents, tastes, experiences, distant places and dreams

“Essenzialmente, la cucina, è l’espressione massima di noi stessi. Vista, gusto ed olfatto vengono coinvolti giocando un ruolo fondamentale nella riuscita di un piatto, semplice o complesso che sia.”  
Cristian Scalvini


Our Menu

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